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…on mutating Jesus into a capitalist

I just read an opinion article on cnn.com that frankly, made me a bit angry.  In summary, some gentleman decided that “Jesus was a free market capitalist who would vehemently oppose the antisocial Occupy Wall Street lazy people who don’t want to … Continue reading

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…on umbros and wedding dresses

Recently, a young, “common” woman became a princess.  That is to say, she married the Prince of England and became, forevermore, royalty.  The wedding, of course, was legendary. The whole thing supposedly cost between $30 and $60 million.  There was … Continue reading

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God is light on a broken pole

toppled street lights illuminate east city streets. wheel chairs drive by, and exhaust of cigarettes pollute air. retarded kids screech to halt when they almost hit diseased dog, crossing the ash paved avenue.  and Jesus’ neighborhood has been having a … Continue reading

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… on violent economics and passive prophets

“blessed are the peacemakers” “sell everything you have, and give to the poor” -Jesus; Palestine, under Roman rule. So when your country is facing a huge, huge, debt crisis, what do you do? I’ll tell you what our nation is … Continue reading

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