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…on discovering a broader ending in the beginning

I just finished a paper on universalism in the early church.  Basically, some of the most important theologians of the first 400 years of Christianity were more or less “universalists”, but universalism was not considered heresy until some time in … Continue reading

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…on umbros and wedding dresses

Recently, a young, “common” woman became a princess.  That is to say, she married the Prince of England and became, forevermore, royalty.  The wedding, of course, was legendary. The whole thing supposedly cost between $30 and $60 million.  There was … Continue reading

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…on prophets, poetry, and going to Hell over Hell

https://www.robbell.com/lovewins/ “God is love” – 1 John 4.16 So now the famous post-Evangelical pastor/teacher/author extraordinaire has really done himself in.  Rob Bell has unleashed an already controversial trailer for his up and coming book, “Love Wins”.  In the clip, he … Continue reading

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