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… on Good Friday in a crucified world

“Jesus was not the first faithful Jew who died on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem — nor would he be the last. In 4 B.C.E., Varus crucified two thousand Jews there, and in 70 C.E. Titus crucified five hundred a … Continue reading

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…on “Tattoos on the Heart”

While on a recent very long bus ride, I had the opportunity to read “Tattoos on the Heart”, by Father Gregory Boyle. Along with Brother Andrew, Brennan Manning, Elizabeth Johnson and the whole host of liberation theologians, I have yet … Continue reading

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…on umbros and wedding dresses

Recently, a young, “common” woman became a princess.  That is to say, she married the Prince of England and became, forevermore, royalty.  The wedding, of course, was legendary. The whole thing supposedly cost between $30 and $60 million.  There was … Continue reading

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…on a theological boxing match

Do you enjoy watching people argue about theology?  I betchya do!  Pastor/Speaker/Writer extrordinaire Francis Chan is responding to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” book, with his own book, “Erasing Hell“.   Anyway, Chan, like Bell, made a short youtube video to … Continue reading

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God is light on a broken pole

toppled street lights illuminate east city streets. wheel chairs drive by, and exhaust of cigarettes pollute air. retarded kids screech to halt when they almost hit diseased dog, crossing the ash paved avenue.  and Jesus’ neighborhood has been having a … Continue reading

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…on prophets, poetry, and going to Hell over Hell

https://www.robbell.com/lovewins/ “God is love” – 1 John 4.16 So now the famous post-Evangelical pastor/teacher/author extraordinaire has really done himself in.  Rob Bell has unleashed an already controversial trailer for his up and coming book, “Love Wins”.  In the clip, he … Continue reading

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…on gods and babies

Ronella and I have spent the last two Christmas weeks with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old, a 3 week and 3 month old.  A bunch of nieces and nephews running around, crying and pooping.  Its been a … Continue reading

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