Welcome to my blog!

“The symbol of God functions”

Our understanding of God has an integral impact on our understanding of ourselves and the people around us.  What we conceive of as the highest good, most lovely beauty, and most enduring love projects what we and our societies become.  So whatever our theology factories are producing… it better be good stuff.

I am currently studying at one in Winston Salem, NC called Wake Forest Divinity School.  I am being stretched and pulled and challenged everyday.  This is my opportunity to unleash a few thoughts until I get out of here and get a real job.

I pray that people are blessed in their faith journey’s through these words to become better lovers of God, themselves, others, and all of creation.

Thanks for checking me out.  Please, comment back on the posts and get some dialogue going.



One Response to Welcome to my blog!

  1. shirley sharp says:

    loved your blog.recognised a few places i visited while there years ago. you should visit the Holy Land and write a blog/pictures from there some day. Love you, Granny

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