…on scripture and agriculture

Just finished Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture by Ellen F. Davis.  If you like biblical studies and you’re somewhat of a treehugger like myself, you’ll probably really like this book.  Really got me motivated about eating local or organic produce and meats when possible.  The book really demonstrates that a very large percentage of the content of the Old Testament was a prophetic or legalistic

 reckoning against empirical (industrial) agriculture that stripped land and produce from the local farmer and turned him into a peasant or slave.  It highlights the covenantal nature between God, land, and God’s people… that land and soil and its fruit are not merely commodities.  Davis really captures Genesis, Leviticus, Amos, Hosea, Micah, and Song of Songs and shows how deeply agrarian the concerns of these books were, and how today, we continue to ignore their prophetic call.   Conversely, it also offers a prophetic expose of current, ungodly practices of corporate agriculture that are destroying the soil and its corresponding ecosystems for future generations, while stripping local farmers and farm communities of their vocation, money, and dignity.  Corporations are attempting to monopolize control of global crops by means of patenting “improved,” genetically modified organisms, while only looking for short-term profit and ignoring future ecological problems of their vast empires.

Check out Scripture, Culture and Agriculture!


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One Response to …on scripture and agriculture

  1. Ashton says:

    We watched a documentary on mass farming, production and agriculture and it’s effects on families and world hunger. The few (about 5 large companies) that control food production and distribution, have taken small farmers from the ability to make food that can support even their own family. Farmers all over the world are being controlled on what to farm and when, they don’t get paid enough to go to the grocery store when they can no longer provide for themselves. our grocery stores have enough food to feed the world 5 times over, but people everywhere are starving to death, dying and losing all their land and possessions. It is awful, I am currently growing tomatoes and peppers. I think it’s time we get back to the basics, the natural intelligence and skill that God gave us from the beginning, we have to take care of ourselves and our world.

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