…on community

“Authentic community is the “medicine” our society needs.  We and other mental health professionals know that loneliness, isolation, emptiness, and a sense of meaninglessness are the frequent complaints of those coming for help.  Often, these complaints are accompanied by symptoms of psychological disorder that can be treated by medication.  However, even when the symptoms are relieved by medication, often the spiritual malaise is still there.  Medication alone cannot quiet this pain, which comes from the depths of the spirit.  This is the pain of souls who have been traumatized through internal fragmentation and ruptured relationships.  We know that people can find healing in community because we have witnessed such healing.

This quote is from the book Cultivating Wholeness  by a Christian counselor as well as pastor.  I wanted to share this because I really believe it is true, and I hope to discover that in Church–in fact I think that communities of faith where people are safe to doubt, disagree, and even (gasp) make mistakes, is what this world really needs even more than good presidents, popes or prozac.  Why?  Because to me, that is what the Body of Christ looks like, and Christ really and truly is the Way we are searching for in the midst of all this world’s malaise and madness.

I pray we can all discover such communities of faith wherever we happen to be in our journeys.

eph 2.14-18


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