…on creativity and freedom

I’m preaching a sermon on predestination vs freewill in a few weeks, and I have a theological question I need some help with…

-what is the relationship between freedom or freewill and creativity?

My angle is that in Genesis 1, God’s initial design for plants, animals and most importantly humans, is to bear fruit—to create.  When one creates, one is an agent in shaping the future… the future is not predestined by the Creator alone because these free agents—these co-creators—are creating and shaping that future along with God.

Do I make sense?  Can anyone elaborate or articulate all this better and help make this idea palpable for a congregation?  Anything else you might add to this conversation?

Don’t leave me hangin… give me some feedback yo!

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One Response to …on creativity and freedom

  1. Andrew says:

    I will leaving you hanging. All I have to say is that “predestination vs. freewill” is a heck of a sermon topic.

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