…on “Tattoos on the Heart”

While on a recent very long bus ride, I had the opportunity to read “Tattoos on the Heart”, by Father Gregory Boyle. Along with Brother Andrew, Brennan Manning, Elizabeth Johnson and the whole host of liberation theologians, I have yet another favorite vagabond Catholic writer to deeply appreciate.

This guy has ministered in one of the worst neighborhoods in LA for decades where he eventually started Homeboy Ministries, his focus primarily being on the tens of thousands of gang members prevalent there. In this book, he shares story after story of such adventures that often make you wanna cry and often make you laugh. But more than anything, I had to set this book down after each story with its poignant reflections because I was so inspired by the beauty of the Gospel, the magnificence of my God, and the wonderful and challenging thoughts of how I might live this one, short life to do something amazing for the Gospel and the world.

I honestly feel my relationship with God deepened over the course of this book, and that the fire in my heart for bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth was fanned into an ever larger flame. Thanks, Father Boyle, for your fidelity to the Gospel that reconciles the worst of enemies and never ceases to love those society hates most. It is my prayer that one day I too will have a volume of “tattoos on my heart” to share with the world.

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