…on Jayber Crowe

I finished Jayber Crowe by Wendell Berry this week. Definitely in my list of top 10 all time novels. This beautiful story criticizes the new, modern world as it witnesses the death of the old one through the eyes of an old man born in 1910. The saying is true, literature makes you a better person. This story taught me a lot of things, but one particular thing I took from it was the value of life and those who have lived it for wisdom. We can become so power hungry, so knowledge hungry that we can easily think that if we read all the right books or read the right articles or whatever, we can find all of life’s answers.

There is peace with the humility of ignorance, and its recognition that though a monopoly of knowledge will never come to us, sometimes only the slow passing of time itself will uncover even the answers we are so anxious for now. I want to encourage everyone to read this book. I promise you-you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and yes, you will become a better person.

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  1. Shea L says:

    Wendall lives in/near Lexington and always came into the used book store that I worked for. He is an amazing, inspiring soul!

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