…on redemption in the trees

“… the leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the nations.”

rev 22.2

Yesterday I had the incredible blessing of hiking Stone Mountain with my friend Jeremy.  Its one of those few, weird, Appalachian mountains that just have a random, big rock face instead of being covered in the usual lush forest.  Ask a geologist.  I have no idea why.

Anyway, it was an absolutely beautiful day and the park was incredible.  Jeremy is the kind of guy I really relate to and we sure talk it up when we’re hanging out, but when we reached the summit, we immediately shut up and went our separate ways for a while.

God is so incredibly creative and magnificent and grand and holy.  I was speechless before my Creator up on the mountain.  God was doing the talking, or should I say, whispering.  God’s presence is manifest in nature, and all the Earth proclaims God’s greatness and splendor and love.  Every tree points to him, every painted cloud is God’s spoken word for you.   Jeremy read from Colossians 1 on top of the mountain.  I just listened and worshipped the God of those Words and that mountain-there was no constraining thought of “applying this to my life”.  Just worship and relationship with my Creator.  This is what we were created for: relationship–a posture of worship.  

At the end of the day I was incredibly refreshed, renewed, redeemed, and healed.  It was like the sludge of materialism, vanity, stress, and months of winter cooped-up-edness was washed away.  What would happen if everyone from inner-city kids to Hezbollah to Wall Street crooks to single mothers could spend more time before God’s mountains and amongst God’s trees?

I hope you can take the time this Spring week to go outside and be with God.  There is a special way of having communion with the Holy Spirit when I am outside.  There is, I have found, redemption in those trees.

col 1

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One Response to …on redemption in the trees

  1. Andrew says:

    We went to Stone Mountain last week! It really is a spectacular place.

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