…on being 1/3 of a MASTER

I’ve been taking deep breath after deep breath.  Soaking up warm sun rays and gentle, spring breezes.  I’m done. Yesterday I finished my last papers for the year and turned them in.  I am officially 1/3 of a master of divinity now.  Two more years and you’ll all be bowin’ down!

Which means I have nothing to do for the next 40 days.  Nothing.

That’s really nice I suppose.  Ronella will be working her butt off to feed me of course, but not me.

Anyway, hopefully during these 40 days of freedom I’ll get to go home and get some work done for Dad, maybe volunteer at our church, travel on the weekends with Ronella (one year anniversary coming up!) and maybe get outdoors on some bike trails and rocks.  But mostly, I think I’ll be sitting around the apartment supporting Ronella in her tough job, and reading books.

So the past few days I’ve begun juggling three books: a book on planning personal, lifetime finances called Your Money Ratios, Charles Farrell; a biblical research book written by my father-in-law John Tipei called The Laying On of Hands in the New Testament; and I’ve returned to my anthology of short stories by one of my favorites—Flannery O’Connor, reading The Displaced Person.

I’m really enjoying reading this stuff and just soaking up the beautiful spring weather in my newfound freedom.

I hope this finds ya’ll blessed!

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