a picture of God, part 4

“The symbol of God functions.”  How you picture God directly affects how you live your life.  I am adapting an essay I wrote in my theology class into a five part series… my 5 fundamental attributes of God.  I’ve tried to make it a bit simpler for laymen but still… its hard to separate Christian theology from at least a few big, nasty words.  Here goes…

God is immenently engaged in creation and its history.

Because God is knowable, God is immanently engaged in creation and its history.  Not one atom of the universe can continue to exist outside relationship with God’s Spirit without reverting back into chaos. (Gen. 1.2)  Creation is continuously being created and sustained by the Holy Father.  It knows and is known by its Creator.  God desires to act on creation’s behalf to deliver it from whatever evil and chaos that may befall it.  For God is love and is unwilling that any should perish. (2 Pet. 3.9)  In His love, God always intends the good and always intends loving relationship for His children.  Like a mother bear, God will engage to enact judgment and justice, when She is able, upon those who hurt Her children or threaten to do so. (Hos. 13.8) He is intimately, immanently and passionately involved in the well being of His creation.  God does respond to prayer, however, He often answers “no” in order to not impinge upon the freedom or goodness of His own creation, or other reasons unbeknownst to us.  As is seen in the Trinity, loving relationship with others and especially with God is the highest good and is thus God’s strongest desire.  Prayer is thus fundamental to right relationship with God, even if God does not respond by acting and altering the course of events in the physical reality.


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