a picture of God, part 2

“The symbol of God functions.”  How you picture God directly affects how you live your life.  I am adapting an essay I wrote in my theology class into a five part series… my 5 fundamental attributes of God.  I’ve tried to make it a bit simpler for laymen but still… its hard to separate Christian theology from at least a few big, nasty words.  Here goes…

God is Trinitarian/relational.

Since God is most fundamentally love, God is Trinitarian and relational.  “The triune God is a God in community, rich in inner and outward relationship.  It is only of him that we can say ‘God is love’, for love is not solitary…”[1].

It is impossible for God-Who-Is-Love to exist if God has no one to lavish love upon or reciprocate love.  So relationship is inherent to God’s own nature.  “It is the power of perfect love which lets each Person go out of himself to the extent that he is wholly present in the other…in each case the third Person is the bond between the two others”[2] Within the Godhead is this vulnerable, relational bond of love, and the God who is love, is that bond. The three Persons are eternally begetting one another in everlasting self-offering and receiving—the ultimate testimony of communal trust and love. Perhaps this is most clearly exposed in Jesus prayer in John 17.21—Jesus and the Father are one and we as the community of saints are to join in their unity.

So its impossible for us to reflect or glorify God if we are in solitude (sorry monks).  We are created in the image of this Triune God.  We’re just individuals if we lack community.  We are fully persons only if we are indeed in relationship with one another and with God.

[1] German theologian Jurgen Moltmann, Experiences in Theology

[2] ibid.

jon 17.21

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