a picture of God, part 1

“The symbol of God functions.”  How you picture God directly affects how you live your life.  I am adapting an essay I wrote in my theology class into a five part series… my 5 fundamental attributes of God.  I’ve tried to make it a bit simpler for laymen but still… its hard to separate Christian theology from at least a few big, nasty words.  Here goes…

God is love.

Our most fundamental doctrine of God is the symbol that God is love.  The scandalous truth is that love is the thing this world most needs—not a sovereign (albeit benevolent) monarch, as is classically suggested.  While scripture often describes God, (“God is holy”, “God is wise”) scripture never identifies God in the grammatically predicate nominative tense like it does in 1 John 4:8.  God is love.  All other descriptions of God are analogical and secondary to this fundamental designation. If something is not loving, it has nothing to do with God.  He can do nothing outside of or contrary to love.  Everything we propose about how we understand God must be screened by this pure love of God.

1 jon 4.8

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