…on the loud and the adorned

Wives… Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel—rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.                        1 pet. 3.3-4

My Bible made a girl cry one time.  And not like, “oh this is so powerful” kind of crying or “oh this is so beautiful” kind of crying.  It was an “oh my life sucks because of what this says” kind of crying.

It had been lying out, she had picked it up, perused through it, and saw where I had underlined this specific scripture.  Her thought: if she wanted to someday marry a decent, church going dude like myself, he would probably have that same scripture underlined in his Bible, looking for the same thing in his wife.  This was pretty detrimental for her because she was by no means a quiet girl.  She was a really, really, really loud girl.  She talked a lot, laughed a lot, talked a lot and you know… one of “those” types.

But despite how our sexist regimes of religious interpreters have been able to leverage this text against women, (to get them to shut-up and subjugate) over the years, some hear the Holy Spirit breathing through this in a liberating way for all—not just women.

You see, there are some very loud people in this world.  They’re loud because they’re not secure.  Have you met these people?  They’re constantly fretting over clothing—every wrinkle ironed, every sock matching.  They’ll sacrifice illogical amounts of their budget to scream to the world that they can afford the sweetest cell phone, the edgiest clothes.  They’ll make inappropriate, immature jokes to sweep away the attention of others.  They’ll aggressively argue as loudly and proudly as possible to prove their biblical interpretation is more right—more “biblical”.  These aren’t talkative women—these are insecure boys and girls, covering up their deficiencies in a parading managerie of delightful decoys…

At the heart of every single human on this planet is this abiding insecurity.  We can choose to silence its deadly, chronic whisper with our trumpeting oracles of grandeur, collage of colorful clothing, or desperate defiance of any flaw we find on our faces and bodies.  We can adorn ourselves, arrange ourselves, and cover ourselves, but remember this: we all stand naked before God.  He sees right through it all, all the way down to the heart.  And I have a secret:

He loves the One underneath.

You are loved by God.  You. Are. Loved. By. God.  You are loved by God!

Don’t ever forget it.  Meet God in the silence and meditate on His unconditional, silent, love for you.  Rest in that love.  Find your confidence in that love, for it is then your spirit will become gentle and quiet.  In that gentleness, the whole world can be lured from its own trappings and enraptured by this God of grace.

May the Lord quiet you today.

zeph. 3.17

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One Response to …on the loud and the adorned

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey, really liked this. Spoke to and convicted me. Thanks for sharing.

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