…on tasting the morning dew

I have now completed my first two and half weeks of seminary.  I’m knee deep into the culture of Wake Forest Divinity school at this point.  I’ve sat through dozens of lectures, worked several hours of work study, completed hours and hours of studying.  I’ve also had the awesome opportunity to get acquainted with and actually spend a good deal of time hanging out with fellow students, both on and around campus, and after hours doing fun stuff.

I’m already beginning to truly appreciate each of my colleagues unique, God-given personalities that He has instilled in them to “bless the world” and bring life to the people around them.  A lot of the guys I’m around a lot are absolutely hysterical—some of the funniest people I’ve ever known.  Most of them know how to have some fun too: rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, watching football, parties etc etc.  I really enjoy studying and being with all these people, and look forward to continuing to do so.

I have, however, been deeply troubled as the weeks have progressed to the point of actually being hurt.  I mean that.  I have witnessed over and over again several future pastors and ministers expressing loose morals that I believe hurt the gospel and ultimately the children of God in and around them.   Several of the people “closest” to me at Wake Forest often times use incredibly vulgar and disrespectful language.  I have witnessed on more than one occasion multiple Divinity students getting drunk.  Some of my friends even started talking about strip clubs to which one commented that he had “gotten carried away” and spent $1,500 at a one this past summer.  All these things were in public, aloud and with no respect for others or shame of self.

I’m not one to reprimand people for using four letters words from time to time.  I happen to like using a good cuss word every once in a while myself.  And I like a good beer from time to time.  But when Christians are repeatedly using and proclaiming language that most people would label “filthy”, when they intentionally, repeatedly and proudly get drunk… we’ve got problems.  I doubt I need to even mention strip clubs.  I’m not going to preach a sermon right now about why these things are contrary to scripture and hurtful to the gospel… maybe later.  But I’ll call it exactly what it is: sin.

I can look past these things to see that beyond these sin(s), the “sin-ners” are really, really good people at heart.  They have a desire to see good things happen in the Church and the world.  They actually love God and others, and like I said before, they’re lots of fun.  But I am deeply concerned for the Church when some of its leaders have such disregard for living a Spirit-filled, humble and righteous life.  Based on specific and the over-arching themes of Scripture, I believe these actions are directly in contrast to such a life I know I and they aspire to.

It is my prayer that my friends at Wake Forest, along with myself, will repent from any sin in our life on a daily basis.  I pray that we will all continually aspire to holiness, humility, and agape love that serves as a light and an example to those around us and the flocks we will shepherd.

The sanctity of the sobriety of our minds, the sanctity of our and other’s sexuality; love, holiness and truth pouring from our lips rather than arrogant and degrading language… all of this matters to God and affect His kingdom advancing.  (eph. 5.18; job 31.1; eph. 5.3,4)

I urge us all to repent from ourselves and our sin to turn to the Messiah, in whom by faith we find a God who will be to us the Morning Dew, wherein we can blossom like a vine to bring Beauty and Life to the world in need.

hos. 14

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One Response to …on tasting the morning dew

  1. Dave Gentry says:

    Saw your blog through Facebook. I want to encourage you, as well, that you are right where God wants you – to witness to the Costly Grace of Christ. I’ve lived too long under cheap grace – grace that is unrepentant. Be encouraged & continue the good work which He began in you, Skyler!

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