…on sunsets over boring summers

…the last two weeks…

Ronella got her first professional teaching job offer at Kernersville Middle School, and started working this past week.  I’ve done some pet sitting and have been helping refurbish a home out in the country.  Also, I did my job training etc for working the Wake Forest football games.  So that’s 3 little jobs.  Today I interviewed for a GREAT job teaching Spanish to preschoolers, and go in for the second round of interviews in a few more days (crossing my fingers on that one).  We finally got a dog and absolutely adore the thing.  Most importantly for me, I’ve been gearing up for Divinity school.  I’m quite excited about this.

Finally, for the first time since I graduated college a year ago, I’ll be living intentionally.  Gone are the days of stupid jobs, little involvement in Church, and little involvement doing ministry.  Ronella and I will be plugging into people at school and work, making friends, finding churches, etc etc etc etc etc.  The August heat is beginning to recede, and so is the summer’s boredom.

As the tide of busyness swells up around us, I’m watching the fade of the last few rays of this past year with partial and mixed feelings.  I am accustomed to somehow always making on-target, life decisions.  In high school, I decided to do FCA, join the choir and join the swim team… great decisions.  I decided to go to Lee University, do Crossover, go on the Chile trip, go to Mexico, live with Buck… great decisions.  All these things really gave me an enriched and purposeful life.

But then I graduated from college in the middle of a terrible recession, moved in with my parents, and its like I started rotting.  I was severed from an active Church life, stripped of my ministerial leadership, cut off from a meaningful job, distanced from friends, and taken from the challenges and excitement of school work.  Now that I finally had tons and tons of free time to rock climb or kayak or camp or play music I had absolutely no one to do them with.

I had so much free time this past year.  How did I use it?  Well, I didn’t.   I realize there is a big flip side… (I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world, got to spend more time with family, support Ronella in her last and most challenging semester, travel a little bit.)  But I am confident that for whatever reason, God allowed me to screw this year up a bit.  I kind of wasted it.

I’m writing all this so that we can all learn from this mistake.  Be prudent with your time.  Live every day passionately and to the fullest.  Go out into the highways and the hedges and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  Take a sledge-hammer to your television and go make fun, lasting memories with your friends or family.  Perhaps you have a fulfilling job and a great church or tons of fun stuff to do, fine.  But make every single day something worth remembering—something worth laughing about, or writing about; for others or for yourself–but ultimately all for the Lord.

Someday there will be a sunset over your lifetime.  Will your accomplishments and memories create a beautiful collage of colors with a menagerie of clouds that leaves others longing to simply cherish it all—aspiring to be and do greatness like you did?  What will you and your loved ones have to remember?  What will Our Father say about the years, the months and weeks, the days and the hours He blessed you with?  As I watch this sunset fade and a new moon rise, I hope and pray we can all do fuller and greater than I did this past year.

matt. 5.13

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