…on looking at birds

Jesus once said, “blessed are the poor”.  And He was right.  This summer I have shouldered a new burden of not only being totally responsible for all of my bills, but also that of taking care of my wife Ronella.  We moved to North Carolina with an apartment lease, a bank account loaded with wedding money, and no jobs.

And then we never got jobs.

So the wedding money kinda went away.

So we got poor.

Endlessly searching craigslist, turning in applications, going to interviews—watching the money drain out like a spilled gallon of milk… rough stuff.  But once I saw the final spoonfuls of milk slowly oozing out of the jug and realized I wouldn’t get a job in time, I had to stop looking at craigslist so much and start looking to my Heavenly Father, praying “give us this day our daily bread”.

Rather cliché but quite true—because He came through.  One day I went to the mail and $175 in wedding gift money came in.  Another day I went to the mail and someone had sent us $200.  It was just like manna coming from heaven.

Because of the generosity of family, we ended up getting to travel to Chicago basically for free.  I got to work for my dad almost 2 weeks.  We sold stuff we didn’t need.  One time I overdrafted a few times adding up to hundreds of dollars in the negative, and didn’t get charged a dime in overdraft fees… to the bewilderment of us and everyone at the bank.  Time after time we would get stressed or worried, and God would intervene—often through His children following Christ to love and give and help as He would.

We lived mostly on beans and rice and love, and Jesus was right… it really was blessed.  Really blessed.  The times God showed up to take care of us was better than any paycheck I’ve ever received—like resting in my Father’s arms, trusting that everything would be ok and be taken care of, living by faith.

So now I’m looking at the birds.  They don’t have bank accounts or jobs or iphones, and yet Our Father takes care of them… and they’re just birds!  So why spend my life anxiously and vainly?  Why worry about big, secure paychecks, nice stuff and sweet vacations?  I find life in the Lord, in my wife, in friends, family and even in strangers.

I hope to live my life simply rather than in luxury, and more importantly hope to live my life by faith rather than security, because even more so than the birds, the poor really and truly are blessed.

matt. 6.26

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