…on poop with text

My wife and I were driving around town one day, listening to a Christian radio station.  Some twenty something year old girl was singing this pop tune that had an incredibly neat and tidy 4th grader Sunday school message tied into it.  Musically, every chord and note was boringly predictable and overproduced.  Now, if you’re a mother with some kids in the back of the van and you don’t want them to hear cusswords, I suppose this is quality stuff.  But for a music snob like me, I simply couldn’t handle it.  “This song is just absolute crap.”  I exclaimed with great relish and changed the channel to NPR or Rush Limbaugh or jazz or country or rap or something else less—well—crappy.

My wife reprimanded me for my blasphemous words. *  Apparently, being it was a “Christian” song meant it was impervious to criticism.  Or that to criticize this song (which a few people were making a buck and a name off of) somehow hurt Jesus’s feelings.

Firstly, I’m not even sure what precludes a song as “Christian”.  Elvis Presley wrote gospel music and then OD’d on drugs on his commode, while Mozart wrote masterpiece after masterpiece for Church worship, most of which had no lyrics at all.  So I was a bit confused as to what the problem was.

Secondly, is it not perplexing that the children of the Creator God can put forth such a profound lack of creativity in their music?  Isn’t it worrisome that the disciples of the God, who crafted with such breathtaking excellence the human body, planet earth and indeed the entire physical workings of the cosmos itself, may have such a profound lack of excellence in the work they do?  Yes, there are plenty of wonderful exceptions.  But I am disheartened to perpetually see better creativity and more ambition in unbelievers than believers.

My point is this:  the next time I “take the kids to the swimming pool”, I am going to put on a rubber glove, pull a terd out, and carve “Jesus Loves You” into its side with a Q-tip and set it on the bathroom counter.  This is Christian Crap.  And as such, any scoffing by guests, looks of disgust, or even—God forbid—flushing of the terd will be deemed blasphemous behavior.

Christian artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers are offering poop with text to God and the culture.  As long as they do, I’ll call it what it is. Let us put asunder the Q-tips and truly set ourselves to the task of beautiful, creative, brilliant, God honoring arts that beckon the audience to repent to God in ways completely foreign to sermons and Sunday School devotionals.

Let poop be poop and art be art.

*Apologies to Ronella.  Her reaction was instinctive and her agreement with me on this matter, immediate.  For a lengthy list of times I’ve made an idiot of myself in front of her, please contact Ronella.

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3 Responses to …on poop with text

  1. Wes Daniel says:

    Haha, awesome blog post, so glad that some with some authority said it!

  2. Becky A. says:

    What song was it…? LOL
    However…i must say that I dont fully agree with the comment:
    “Christian artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers are offering poop with text to God….”
    maybe to culture….but not to God. Their definition of good music/art/be it what may…may not be the same as yours, but it doesnt mean that it’s any less meaningful than the ‘good music’ out there when sung with the most gut wrenching convictions of/to our Lord. Anyway…just sayin 😉 Someone has to disagree 🙂

  3. Thanks for the input.
    I didn’t mean to completely dismiss someone’s offering to God-CERTAINLY not my place to do so. Sorry about that.* But I fear at times there is a certain apathetic contentment with Christian artists for that very reason. They’re getting so many pats on the back since its “for God” that they aren’t challenging themselves enough to continuously improve their work. A secular artist inherently has an element of humility… if he doesn’t continually seek to improve, he’ll lose his audience and rot. A Christian artist inherently has an element of pride and contentment… no matter what happens, God is pleased with his heart. While this is a good thing for the Christian, it also can breed contentment.
    “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord.” (Col. 3.23) Apathy in your work does not please God.
    Its never my place to judge any individual artist’s heart in his/ her work or say they’re offering “poop” to God, but just cuz someone’s offering something to God, doesn’t mean they’re offering everything to God, and that is where they need to be challenged.
    *Allow me to clarify I’m not challenging performing musicians “singing their guts out to God”. I’m focusing more on the behind the scenes people who create and put this stuff out there, and ultimately the Christian consumers who support it.

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