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…whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light.  And whatever you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops…

matt. 10.27

I’ve never been the type to just unload on anyone who’ll listen.  Typically I’m more of a “I’ll wait ’til they ask” kinda guy.  Well, it turns out that most people in life, including myself, don’t ask a whole lot.  So here’s a way to get some thoughts out, keep them remembered, and have some fun writing–to share what the Lord’s doing in my life, and to journal my experience as I go through seminary.

I’ll try to keep everything short and interesting.

Just a quick snap on life the past few months.  On May 22, 2010 I got hitched.  My wife is the most breathtakingly beautiful, proportionately pretty, garganteously gorgeous, scarily sexy woman living.  Every day of marriage has been a blast with her and anyone who knows her would know why.

Our honeymoon was in Dominican Republic, we’ve moved to Winston-Salem where we know no one. We’ve gone back to Tennessee a few times, Columbia, SC, the New River Gorge in W. VA, and finally Chicago.  We’ve had thousands of dollars in the bank account and we’ve had negative dollars in the account.  We don’t have jobs or a church out here, so we sit around and look at each other a lot and keep our apartment really really clean.

As bad as we need jobs and as excited as we are to start careers/ school, I think what we’re really longing for most is a church to belong to and serve.  An outlet for faith.  A venue for ministry.  A gathering of friends.  Corporate worship.  The Word of God spoken.  Old people and kids to talk to.  Bad music to sing along to.

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